Skinny BBL Cost Factors & How to Make It Affordable

Affording a Skinny BBL

You know what you want. You’ve done the research; you know what a skinny BBL is and what it isn’t. You have realistic expectations about what a skinny BBL can do for you, and you want one. But now you’re wondering how to make it as affordable as possible.

It’s important to remember that skinny BBLs typically involve multiple fat donation sites and complex surgical plans. As such, “affordable” won’t always be synonymous with “cheap.”

But we strive to make all our skinny BBL surgeries as affordable and attainable as possible. Understanding the cost factors that go into the ultimate price of your skinny BBL, as well as the financing options available to you, can make affording your surgery much less of a hassle.

Debunking the Myth – Are Skinny BBLs Cheaper?

Nope. Perhaps because the word skinny often makes us think of things that are smaller or less, people often believe that a skinny BBL will be less expensive than a traditional BBL. But this isn’t the case. A regular BBL and a skinny BBL both involve the same surgical skills and processes, so one is no less than the other. In fact, skinny BBLs sometimes require more liposuction sites and a more complex surgical plan, which can make a skinny BBL more expensive.

Skinny BBL Cost Factors

There are several factors that influence the cost of a skinny BBL. Some apply to all surgeries and others are unique to skinny BBL procedures. One factor is simply location. It costs more to live in some areas than it does in others, and surgery costs tend to be higher in areas with higher costs of living. Hand-in-hand with location costs come surgical facility fees and anesthesia costs, which vary from one clinic to the next even within the same area.

Your surgeon’s level of expertise is also a factor. Skinny BBLs require a high level of precision with both the collection and grafting of the fat. There is a much smaller margin of error when recontouring a smaller body using liposuction, and removing too much fat can result in an unnatural look. The more experience a surgeon has performing skinny BBLs the better your results will be. And the more you may pay.

The complexity of your surgery will also impact its cost. Skinny BBLs often involve performing liposuction at several sites. Careful planning beforehand is necessary to ensure that there will adequate fat for grafting and that too much fat isn’t taken from a single area. A skinny BBL can easily become quite complicated, and complicated surgeries may take longer and cost more.

Do Skinny BBL Costs Vary by Mia Aesthetics’ Location?

Overall surgery costs do vary from one Mia Aesthetics location to another, but the biggest cost factor is the surgeon you choose. Your surgeon’s expertise, as well as the level of demand for them, is the biggest driver of cost variations.

We help combat these costs by utilizing a unique business model that allows our surgeons to focus more on surgery and less on other tasks. This helps to keep our clinic efficient, which ultimately reduces costs for you.

How Skinny BBL Financing Works

Mia Aesthetics is pleased to work with several different financing partners. Each has their own acceptance criteria, increasing your odds of approval. Some of these partners issue a credit card that you can use to pay for your skinny BBL while others offer a more traditional loan.

Working with our financing partners often allows you to get a much lower interest rate than you would if you paid using a traditional credit card. We work closely with our financing partners and are happy to assist you should a problem arise.

Save Money with Specials

The best way to make your skinny BBL as affordable as possible is to take advantage of the specials we run. We have flash sales, holiday sales, new surgeon sales, and surgery-specific sales. To make sure you don't miss out on a special, visit our Free Virtual Consultation page and let us know you're interested in a BBL. When you do, we'll deliver our specials right to your inbox.

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