Tips For A Comfortable Tummy Tuck Recovery

The recovery period for a plastic surgery procedure depends on how extensive the procedure is. Some don’t require a lot of downtimes, and you’ll be back to your regular routine in no time, while others are more invasive and need more time for your body to recover. The longevity of the recovery period for a Tummy Tuck shouldn’t stop you from getting the body of your dreams. there are plenty of tips to help make your recovery painless and more comfortable.

Get Support

Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help. You’ll need someone to take you home after your procedure, but we recommend having someone stay with you for the first few days. It’s a good idea to have family or friends help with meals any help needed around the house.

Eat Healthy & Add Fiber To Your Diet.

Your body needs nutrient-dense foods to encourage healing, particularly foods that have a lot of fiber. After surgery, it is common to become constipated due to the procedure itself and the pain medication your surgeon has prescribed. Try to stock up before surgery and buy foods with plenty of fiber like whole vegetables and fruits. You can also talk to your surgeon about stool softeners if necessary.

Walking is Important 

After a Tummy Tuck, your exercise options are minimal but try to take short walks. Your surgeon will give you the green light for when you can begin walking. Taking short walks will help with circulation and help with reducing the risk of blood clots. Walking can also reduce swelling and support your recovery.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always essential, but it is imperative after plastic surgery. Drinking lots of water helps the body heal and fight swelling. It also helps flush out any toxins and reduce the risk of complications. Try to get into the routine of drinking plenty of water during your recovery and even after.

Change Your Sleeping Position

You’ll also want to change your sleeping position if you typically sleep on your back or side. Most patients find it easier to sleep on a recliner, as your surgeon will recommend sleeping with your legs and feet slightly elevated and the waist slightly bent.

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