Mia Aesthetics Surgeons

Today, we’re able to say with pride that we have some of the most qualified surgeons.

Sergio Alvarez

Founder of Mia Aesthetics, attended medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and a highly ranked residency program at the University of South Florida. He specializes in high quality, personalized procedures unique to each patient’s beauty goals.

Ray Charepoo

Known by his patients and his peers as “Dr. Projection” for his ability to project each patient’s body goals in his work, Dr. Charepoo believes in the dramatic psychological effects plastic surgery can offer.

Sola Fasusi

Dr. Fasusi completed his general surgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia. After 9 years of surgical training Dr. Fasusi is ready to take his talents to Miami, where the eclectic culture and fast-paced lifestyle create the perfect destination for work and play.

Ghassan Mehio

Dr.Ghassan Mehio graduated with honors from American University of Beirut School of Medicine. He has been in plastic surgery practice for over 10 years and believes in tailoring results to each individual patient’s unique desires and physique.

Constantino Mendieta

Dr. Mendieta believes no two individuals are the same, and believes in creating beautiful, personalized results for each patient.

Xiaoti Xu

His philosophy when it comes to plastic surgery is: “it’s not about me –it’s about you.” This is the driving force behind the personalized, high quality results Dr. Xu produces for his patients.