How to Sleep After Getting a Tummy Tuck and a BBL

Getting a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) at the same sounds convenient and it generally is—until it’s time to go to sleep. BBL patients are advised not to sleep on their backs while tummy tuck patients aren’t allowed to sleep on their stomachs. This leaves side sleeping, which is sometimes taboo after a BBL as well. Since hanging from the ceiling like a bat is also probably out, we are happy to offer some practical sleeping suggestions. 

Consider a Recliner 

The best place to sleep after a tummy tuck and BBL combo is probably an adjustable bed, but if you don’t have one, a recliner is the next best thing. A recliner lets you support your back and legs without putting pressure on your buttocks. It also allows you to sleep in a bit of an upright position, easing tension on your tummy tuck incision.  

Use Supportive Pillows

Finding a comfortable sleeping position after surgery requires a lot of supportive pillows. You’ll definitely want some type of wedge pillow for your tummy tuck. Sleeping in a somewhat upright and forward position will avoid pulling on your abdomen and your incision. 

Taking the pressure off your buttocks is harder without a specialized pillow. You’ll want to purchase a BBL pillow before your surgery. This pillow will allow you to sit down while you recover, and you can bring it to bed with you to keep your buttocks properly aligned while you sleep. We sell our own BBL pillow, or you can purchase one from any number of online retailers. You may also opt to support your thighs with regular pillows when you go to bed. 

Sleep on Your Side – If You Can

This tip comes with the caveat that you must speak to your surgeon first. Sometimes fat is transferred to the hips or sides during a BBL, in which case you can’t sleep on your side. But if your surgeon didn’t add fat to these areas, side sleeping may be a possibility. If sleeping on your side is an option, prop yourself well with pillows so that you can’t accidentally roll onto your back or stomach while you sleep. 

Create a Relaxing Environment

Creating a relaxing environment in your bedroom can also help you sleep better after a tummy tuck and BBL combination surgery. Try placing an oil diffuser in your room or playing soothing music. Some people also enjoy calming sounds like the ocean or falling rain. The soothing ambiance may help you fall asleep more quickly.   

Additional Tips

Anything that aids sleep itself or your recovery in general can help you rest more easily and comfortably. Other ways you can help improve your sleep and overall recovery include: 

  • Lowering the temperature in your bedroom a few degrees 
  • Staying hydrated and eating well  
  • Engaging in some activities and gentle exercise during the day as you are able 
  • Wearing your compression garments as directed and while sleeping 
  • Taking any prescription pain medication as directed so pain doesn’t keep you awake 
  • Avoiding caffeine and stimulating activities before bed 

If All Else Fails

A good recovery is a crucial part of the journey to a new you. It’s important that you get enough sleep along the way, and these tips can help you do that. If you still find yourself struggling after your surgery, however, please reach out to us so we can help. 

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