Buffalo Hump Removal Cost


What Factors Determine the Cost of Buffalo Hump Removal?

The exact cost of your buffalo hump removal may vary based on several factors. You could find yourself paying more or less than a friend who has had the same procedure, and we think it’s important that you understand why. Here are a few of the things that impact surgical costs.

Awake or Asleep?

Because it involves fewer medications, awake liposuction is generally less expensive than traditional liposuction. Local anesthesia itself is less expensive and you’ll require less time in recovery after awake liposuction. This means less nursing care and observation.


Costs change from one area to another. Just as you may pay more for a gallon of milk in one city than another, we must sometimes pay more for surgical supplies and staff. As such, where you choose to have your surgery may impact the cost.

The Surgeon

We feel it’s important for you to view before and after photos and choose the surgeon you’re most comfortable with. But different surgeons charge different fees, often based on their location and their experience level. You clearly want a surgeon who has experience with liposuction, but the more experience they have, the more they may charge. All Mia Aesthetics surgeons are highly qualified to remove your unwanted buffalo hump.

Your Unique Physical Traits

Every person is different, which means every surgery is different. You may have a unique physical trait that we need to accommodate during your surgery. Even the consistency of fat can change from one person to the next, with men tending to have thicker more fibrous fat than women.

Combining Procedures

While you’re already having plastic surgery, you may elect to have other areas treated. You can opt to have more areas of your body treated with liposuction while you’re already here having lipo work done. You’re not limited to liposuction, however. Your surgeon can combine any procedures you wish so long as they feel it is safe to do so.

Combining procedures into a single surgery ultimately saves you money since you have only one fee for general anesthesia (if applicable), one surgical facility fee, and one recovery period that requires missed work. You will, however, pay more for your surgery if you combine buffalo hump removal with other procedures.

How Can You Make Buffalo Hump Removal More Affordable?

Mia Aesthetics was founded on the principle that plastic surgery should be affordable, so you’re already in the right place if you’re looking for surgery at a reasonable price. We’ve streamlined our processes so that our surgeons can focus exclusively on surgery, which saves money.

We’ve also paired with different financing companies so that you have options. The specific terms and conditions of your financing agreement are between you and the financing partner you choose so that you can shop for the best deal for you. Working with any of these companies allows you to break your surgery down into affordable monthly payments.

From time to time we also run specials. When we do, you can lock in this special pricing for a full year by putting a deposit down on your surgery. This allows you to take advantage of a sale even if you can’t have your procedure right at that moment.

Will Insurance Cover Buffalo Hump Removal?

Insurance generally considers buffalo hump removal to be cosmetic surgery and won’t cover the cost. The condition isn’t painful and doesn’t tend to create other health issues. In extreme cases, a buffalo hump can get large enough that it makes turning your head or tilting it back difficult. In those instances, you may be able to convince your insurer that the procedure is medically necessary, but the final determination is theirs to make.

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