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About Us

Everyone wants to be beautiful.  Everyone wants to save money.  These are two universal truths.  And Miami’s mia Aesthetics is founded on the principle that elite, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and beauty care should be attainable for all.

We believe you shouldn’t have to be rich to receive high-quality, personalized care. “Good enough” isn’t good enough here.  This is high-end plastic surgery — not corner-cutting or cookie-cutter — but truly advanced, personalized cosmetic care made affordable.

This philosophy is how mia Aesthetics sets itself apart from other Miami cosmetic surgery clinics.  Under the guidance of board-certified surgeon Sergio Alvarez, our commitment is to giving patients the best, cutting-edge treatments at the hands of Dr. Alvarez and his hand-picked team of top surgeons and aestheticians.

So you get boutique care at clinic prices.  Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

Our Medical Director

Dr. Sergio Alvarez has made it the mission of mia Aesthetics to provide elite-level plastic surgery for all people, rooting this mission in the belief that advanced, artistic cosmetic care shouldn’t only be accessible to the ultra rich.

Any woman or man who walks into the inaugural Miami clinic can expect a boutique experience at affordable prices without ever having to settle for cut-rate results. This is the very foundation established by Dr. Alvarez for mia Aesthetics.

Dr. Alvarez grew up in El Paso, graduating top of his class at medical school in UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He attended the top-ranked residency program at the University of South Florida for Plastic Surgery. The Texas native then deepened his understanding of aesthetic surgery beyond the classrooms and hospital rooms by traveling across Europe and Latin America, learning the latest, innovative techniques directly from the world’s top surgeons and exploring the advanced methodology of facial fillers.

His experience as a physician and his experiences watching the world’s best plastic surgeons at work have given Dr. Alvarez the eye to recognize the best of the best in Miami’s operating rooms.  And only the best of the best will ever be invited to practice at mia Aesthetics. That is our medical director’s promise to you.


Reputation is everything…

Everyone at mia aesthetics made me very comfortable.  I have a very low pain tolerance but they were very gentle and patient with me. I am extremely happy with the results. I told Dr. Alvarez I wanted it to look very natural and that is exactly what he did.


mia aesthetics  was referred to me by a friend and I’m so grateful she did! I am so happy and am so blessed to have had Dr. Alvarez as my surgeon. And his staff could not have been more compassionate and kind and supportive throughout the entire process.


Everyone at mia aesthetics is sweet, talented and caring doctors! Theye gave me top notch pre op care as well as post op care. I always felt comfortable with them.  I really felt at ease with their ability. I couldn’t be happier and I would recommend them to anyone!


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