Why Our Surgeons Love Mia Aesthetics

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Mia Aesthetics is home to some of the most skilled and esteemed plastic surgeons in the country. From all walks of life, each of our surgeons brings a unique viewpoint and set of experiences to the table, creating an eclectic and positive team dynamic. We asked our plastic surgeons what they love about Mia Aesthetics, and these were there responses:

Organized and Efficient
Our surgeons boast about the top-tier organization at Mia Aesthetics. By clearly separating administrative staff, social media staff, the finance department and other departments, surgeons are able to focus on treating patients and giving them the best results possible.

Multiple Locations
Mia Aesthetics is able to treat patients from all over the U.S. by having convenient locations in Miami and Austin, TX. Patients are able to choose a location based on proximity to where they live, the surgeon they prefer, and their overall budget. Mia’s surgeons are proud to work for an organization that puts customers’ needs first.

Fun Atmosphere
At Mia Aesthetics, we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We are all about having fun and enjoying each day. Our Instagram feeds and stories will give you a good idea of the type of environment you can find at Mia. Our surgeons believe that having fun and encouraging positivity creates a better work environment for our employees and for our patients.

Dedication to the Community
If there’s one thing Mia does better than any other clinic, it’s connecting to the community. Our #MiaBabes and #MiaFamily live all over the U.S. and beyond. Mia Aesthetics is the most engaged plastic surgery clinic in the country, with an extremely active Instagram boasting almost 200k followers, a thriving YouTube channel, and a weekly blog that dives into trending topics. Our patients have formed friendships and advice groups that sprang from engaging with each other via content posted on our platforms. We’re proud to be a driving force in making the plastic surgery community more connected than ever!