What to Expect After Getting Lip Fillers

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Lip fillers have become one of the most popular noninvasive procedures of the past decade. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Anna Faris and many more owning up to regularly getting lip fillers, the procedure has become more commonplace than ever. It’s quick, easy, and a relatively painless option for patients who want fuller, plumper lips.

Since the procedure has become more accessible, many patients who might otherwise be opposed to surgery have considered getting lip fillers done. While many patients are familiar with lip filler before and after photos, they are less informed on what to expect immediately after receiving the injections.

Below is a guide on what to expect immediately after getting lip fillers as well as the weeks following the procedure:

1. Numbness
Before you receive your lip fillers, you will likely be offered a topical anesthetic to help numb your lips and block out any pain from the injection. This cream helps a lot and should be taken if you are looking to minimize pain. The numbing cream’s effect will likely last a few hours, so you may leave the doctor’s office feeling like you left the dentist. But don’t worry – this feeling will minimize soon.

2. Feeling of Something Being “Inside” your Lips
Initially, the feeling of the injectable in your lips may feel a little foreign – almost like there is some kind of object inside your lips. Some doctors will suggest massaging out your lips to even out texture. Many patients report feeling like there’s a lump or bump under their skin, although this is usually not noticeable by other people. Regardless, this feeling is not permanent and should subside within a day or two.

3. Mild Pain
Even though the numbing cream will block out most of the pain of your lip injections for you, as the effect of the cream wears off, you may be left with some stinging and slight pain. Any significant pain can be reduced with over-the-counter pain killers, but most patients report their pain being a minor inconvenience rather than something to really worry about. In fact, most patients say that the anticipation of the needle used during the procedure causing more anxiety and nervousness than the procedure itself!

4. Headaches
Although this side effect only affects a small percentage of patients, headaches are a reported inconvenience that can occur with popular lip fillers and other facial injectables like Botox. Regular over the counter pain relievers can be taken to reduce this short-lived pain. If pain killers don’t work, rest is another proven way to relieve filler induced headaches.

5. Swelling and Inflammation
Because administering the injections involves a small needle going under the surface of your skin, you will likely experience some swelling and inflammation for about 48 to 72 hours after your lip injections. The actual material injected into your lips also initially causes some inflammation. This inflammation will likely increase even more the day following your injections. While you may leave the office thinking your lips are WAY bigger than you wanted, rest assured that your lips will shrink down to the shape and size you anticipated.

6. Possible Lip Asymmetry
While this side effect is usually very mild, at times, a few days after your fillers have settled in you may notice slight asymmetries, or differences, among different areas of your lips. This has to do with the way your specific body and lip structure takes to the filler. In some patients, the way they move their mouths may cause some filler to dissolve or spread out. This is no reason to fret, as your doctor can easily revisit your lips and add or remove filler to even out your results. In fact, most doctors recommend setting up a follow-up appointment a week or so after your initial appointment to ensure you are pleased with your results.

7. Bruising
Another unwanted but temporary side effect of lip fillers is minor bruising along the injection sites. Any bruises that form as a result of your injections shouldn’t be too dark or large. Depending on your body’s natural tendency to bruise, it can take as long as two weeks after a filler treatment for the bruising to completely subside. But don’t worry – this can easily be covered up with a light-colored lipstick or gloss!

With minimal pain and downtime, lip fillers are a great option for patients looking for a quick boost to their look. Fillers also only last about six to nine months. This means if you are curious, you can try them out without the fear of undergoing a permanent transformation!

Ask your Mia Aesthetics representative about adding on lip fillers to your surgical procedure for a quick and easy boost to your look!