The Importance of Drainage Massages

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After undergoing plastic surgery, you will feel excited to heal and return to your everyday routines, but you want to be careful not to compromise your results. If you have been looking to get plastic surgery, you may be surprised to learn that specific procedures like tummy tucks and Brazilian Butt Lifts require you to get drainage massages post-surgery.

These drainage massages are also commonly known as lymphatic drainage massages. You may be wondering what exactly the Lymphatic System has to do with your plastic surgery recovery. One of the Lymphatic systems’ primary functions is the disposal of toxins or waste in the body. It is because of this that surgeons require patients to get drainage massages post-op.

It’s essential to make sure the person conducting your massages knows what they’re doing, as you don’t want to experience any complications post-surgery. You may experience discomfort during these drainage massages because your body is still recovering and will feel sore for days following surgery. While you may experience discomfort during these massages, it’s important to remember that drain massages are known to reduce pain significantly.

You might also be wondering how a drainage massage differs from a regular massage. A traditional massage simply targets the muscles, whereas a drainage massage cleans your skin of toxins and unwanted material. Not only that, but drainage massages will help get rid of excess fluids, decrease any bumps and lumps, smooth our scar tissue, and increase your overall results and comfort.

The benefits of a drainage massage don’t end there. Having these massages done after surgery can reduce swelling and lower your chances of contracting an infection. The timing of getting drainage massages is crucial to benefit from these functions. That is why here at Mia Aesthetics, our surgeons require patients to get three drainage massages within a week of their surgery.