Statesman Bat Observation Center: A Rare Sighting

It’s not often that a bat enthusiast visits the Statesman Bat Observation Center in Austin, TX. But on a rare day, people got to see one of the rarest sights: an Eastern Red Bat. Statesman Bat Observation Center has been around for more than 30 years and houses over 100 bats at any given time. This makes Statesman Bat Observation Center one of the most significant natural bat habitats in the entire country. Austin, TX can be seen here.

Statesman Bat Observation Center houses all kinds of bats. The most common bat at Statesman Bat Observation Center is the Mexican Free-tailed bat, which throws a nightly party while we sleep (especially during this time). Statesman Bat Observation will be open to visitors from May through October. Statesman Bat Observation Center is accessible for all visitors. Statesman Bat Observation Center in Austin, TX, offers guided tours of the 100-foot high observation tower every evening at dusk. The Statesman Bat Observatory was built to house bats displaced by constructing a new airport parking garage. The initial group consisted of 175 Mexican Free-tailed Bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) but has expanded to about 200 individuals each summer night during peak season, totaling more than 20 million Mexican Free-tailed bats have been counted over the last 12 years since its opening. Visitors may enter this Texas landmark after it opens daily at noon and remain until one hour before sunset when the nightly flight begins to sweep out from under the building’s large overhangs. Click here to read about The Beautiful, Underrated Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, TX.