Southeastern Railway Museum in Atlanta, GA

The Southeastern Railway Museum in Atlanta, GA, is a nonprofit museum that focuses on telling the story of railroads and trains. There are many different locomotives, freight cars, and passenger cars to explore. The museum also has a research library for those who want to learn more about railroad history. The Southeastern Railway Museum is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It displays more than 100 exhibits of railroad equipment and memorabilia from the region’s rail history. The locomotive No. 630 used by Franklin D Roosevelt when he made his famous whistle-stop campaign speeches in 1944 and 1948 can be seen there too. More can be found here.

Southeastern Railway Museum in Atlanta GA – Founded in 1958 to document and preserve the area’s rich railway heritage through a wide range of activities, including operating historic trains for public enjoyment; exhibiting artifacts, documents, photos & film footage related to local railways; offering educational opportunities such as tours for school groups or other community organizations (corporate functions, etc.) The Museum is located on Duluth Highway in Atlanta, Georgia. It can be found along the route of the annual “Steam Engine Jamboree” held each September, during which time they have an open house for visitors to explore. Their collection is at no charge. Learn more about Riverside Park in Atlanta, GA.