Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

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Are you planning and researching your upcoming Rhinoplasty? Healing time after your nose job procedure varies on different factors such as the surgical technique used and the amount of reconstruction done. Post-op care is crucial in the recovery process and for optimizing results. Like with most plastic surgery procedures, expect bruising and swelling for weeks after surgery. Nose swelling won’t go away all at once. The lower half of the nose will take longer to reach its outcome than the upper half because the tip is thicker and more sebaceous. Overall, swelling should be completely gone after a few months.

One week after surgery

The first week after plastic surgery is usually the most difficult, and discomfort is to be expected. It’s imperative to keep your head upright at all times during the first week. This will help keep bruising and swelling to a minimum and reduce the risk of sudden changes in blood pressure. Your splint will be removed within the first week, and while there will still be swelling and bruising, you will already be able to see a difference in your appearance.

Two weeks after surgery

There will be a rapid reduction of swelling and bruising during the second-week post-op. Most patients are ready to go back to work during the second week, but your surgeon will let you know based on your specific case. It is important to continue avoiding any heavy lifting and strenuous activity, and sun exposure should be avoided as it’s normal for the skin to be sensitive.

One month after surgery

At your one-month mark, any signs that you’ve had a nose job should be nonexistent. You may go back to more physical activities, and you’ll be able to wear glasses again after a month.

Six months after surgery

At six months, your bone structure will stabilize, and you should be resuming life as it was pre-surgery. The tip of the nose will continue to become refined after six months. You’ll be able to see the final results, and the nose will be healed both inside and outside. It will look and feel so natural you’ll forget you even had a Rhinoplasty.

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