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Scarless breast reduction performed by mia aesthetics in Miami Beach, FL

It’s a complaint many women find difficult to feel sympathy for — overly large breasts. But for many “well-endowed” women, the assets are a very real burden, limiting activities, causing significant pain, spinal problems, skin infections, and even creating emotional issues.  Add to that the everyday difficulty of finding clothes and undergarments that fit comfortably.

Breast reduction surgery has been the solution for countless women, but it does come with risks like permanent scarring and loss of sensation in the breasts.

Now, there’s a new approach to breast reduction that could work for many women…aimed at making the surgery more “user-friendly.” It’s called scarless breast reduction, and it’s basically a specialized variation of liposuction, which involves less pain & scarring, faster recovery & better results.


Scarless breast reduction surgery sounds ideal for women who deal with the pain and limitations of overly large breasts, but it is not suitable for all body types.  While liposuction can remove some of the fatty tissue in the breast, it does not address excess breast tissue, stretched ligaments and stretched skin, problems that only the traditional surgical method can address. During your consulation, your mia Aesthetics surgeon will take the time to examine you and determine which procedure will best serve your unique body.

Ideal Candidates

This is a great option for patients who wish to decrease the overall volume of their breasts, subtly correct asymmetry and enhance their appearance. Because no skin is removed during a scarless breast reduction, the ideal candidate has breasts without too much sagging and with good volume.  For this reason, young women with modest breast enlargement, but without much sagging, often make the best candidates.

The ideal candidate for a breast reduction using liposuction wishes to reduce the size of their natural breast without being left with the obvious scars of surgery. Candidates may suffer from the same problems other heavy breasted women face: pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, as well as dissatisfaction with overall body image. These factors may hinder some patients from participating in sports, having a more active social life, or simply living life to the fullest.

Using liposuction for breast reduction yields great results for patients wishing to correct asymmetrical breasts and can reduce the volume of the breasts by as much as 50%, resulting in improved postured, and relief of chronic pain as well as an improved cosmetic appearance and overall confidence boost.


In traditional breast reduction surgery, the surgeon makes a T-shaped incision to remove excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin.

By contrast, with liposuction breast reduction the surgeon makes one small incision under the fold of each breast. The incision is just large enough to fit a tiny cannula, or tube, through which the surgeon sucks out excess fat.

And while the traditional surgery can take up to five hours and an additional nine weeks for full recovery, liposuction breast reduction takes less than an hour, with patients back to their full activities within approximately one week.

During the procedure, a tumescent solution is used to constrict the blood vessels, minimizing bleeding during the procedure.  The most attractive aspect of breast reduction using liposuction is that this simple procedure does not require general anesthesia or long-term recovery, increasing the public demand for this procedure.

Choosing this method can provide many benefits, which may include:

  • Safer than breast reduction surgery
  • General anesthesia is not used
  • No long incision scarring
  • Recover faster with less discomfort
  • Results are seen in days


Scarless breast reduction surgery is less invasive than traditional breast reduction surgery; thus greatly reducing the risk of bleeding, infection, and loss of nipple sensation. Since no skin is removed, there are no open wounds to care for. Patients are typically prescribed one week of antibiotics as a precaution to further diminish the risk of infection at the incision sites.

Bleeding following a liposuction procedure is also rare.

Patients typically recover from a non-invasive breast reduction in a few days and experience less pain after surgery when compared to a traditional breast reduction, largely because there is significantly less scarring.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The success of virtually every cosmetic procedure begins at the consultation. We encourage you to meet with several highly-qualified, well-recommended surgeons before choosing the one that is right for you.  At mia Aesthetics, we believe your consultation is the perfect time to get to know your doctor, express your goals & concerns, ask your questions, and develop a strong rapport with your surgeon, because he will be the #1 player on your team.

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