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Brazilian Butt Lift NYC : An Ideal Way to Improve your Looks

A sculpted and attractive butt is every woman’s dream. A perfect butt is not just the stereotypical symbol of feminine sensuousness, it is something that adds to your overall posture and makes you appear more confident.

Though a much desired asset, not all women are gifted with naturally beautiful butts. Brazilian butt lift is the most convenient and an ideal way to give you a perfectly shaped and voluminous butt.

With cosmetic procedures becoming popular, Brazilian butt lift in New York has been gaining increasing traction.  As the Brazilian butt surgery is the new rage, let’s learn a little about it:

The Butt Lift consists of two procedures:

A Brazilian butt lift involves two procedures, namely, liposuction and fat transfer.

To perform the surgery, fat is first extracted from your back, stomach, or thighs, and then centrifuged to extract the donor cells. In the next and final stage, the best picked donor cells are injected into the buttocks through thin tubes called cannulas. This entire procedure takes about two hours to complete.

The Butt Lift Involves Several Benefits:

The benefits of Brazilian butt lift go beyond just giving you an enhanced buttock size. The many advantages of this procedure include:

Better body symmetry that gives you a more youthful appearance

  • A well-proportioned figure
  • A curvier figure that allows clothes to fit better
  • More full and firm butts
  • A more toned and youthful appearance
  • Greater body confidence

Brazilian Butt Lift is an Improvement over other procedures:

The Brazilian butt lift procedure involves the usage of your own fat. This greatly reduces the chances of your body rejecting the fat, or the risks of any allergic reactions. On the other hand, butt implants do not look as natural and have a higher risk of infection.

Further, BBLs are better than other butt lift procedures as they allow surgeons to insert fat more precisely into your body. This gives them greater control over how they sculpt your butt. As a result, you get the desired volume, lift, and symmetry in your buttock.

At Mia Aesthetics, our surgeons specialize in performing BBLs to give you a smoother, perkier, and a rounder butt.

Who’s an Ideal Candidate for BBL?

People who are close to their ideal body weight, but have a little extra fat that can be removed are the perfect candidates for BBL. You should also be in good health, and have good skin elasticity.

How safe are Brazilian Butt Lifts?

While BBL is generally a safe procedure, like all surgeries, it too involves certain risks. The most common side effects of BBL include bruising, swelling, pain, and infection. However, these complications can be minimized to a great extent by getting the surgery performed by qualified and experienced surgeons.

Brazilian butt lifts are considered safer and more effective than traditional butt implants as they do not flip or put pressure on your leg nerves. Further, they’re a lot safer than silicone injections, which have been banned in most countries because of the very serious complications.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is a great way to enhance your looks and become the beauty of your dreams. It is not only your way to an improved physical appearance, but is chance for you to acquire great body confidence.