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Clinic Location: Atlanta

Dr. Kanye Willis is proud to join the Mia Aesthetics Atlanta team. Boasting an impressive seventeen years of experience in the field of surgery, Dr. Willis completed her medical training at Case Western Reserve University along with a master’s degree in business administration. Dr. Willis then completed her general surgery residency at Henry Ford Hospital and an additional fellowship in burn surgery at Jacobi Medical Center. Given her extensive training and experience, Dr. Willis has had a chance to practice many forms of plastic surgery – from breastwork to bodywork, to even hand work – providing her with a broad depth of knowledge and skill in her craft.

Dr. Willis chose to become a plastic surgeon because of the breadth of opportunities the career offers and the fact that no two workdays are the same. Each and every morning presents a new patient story, a new body goal, and a new challenge. Dr. Willis loves being able to perform a variety of different procedures every day to target each of her patient’s unique goals. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Willis is known for her even-keeled demeanor and calming energy, which brings significant comfort to new, nervous patients. Her greatest achievement as a plastic surgeon is completing the rigorous board’s process and officially becoming board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

She is thrilled to join the Mia Aesthetics team and feels the company has done an excellent job of creating an organized and productive office environment, which allows the surgeons to spend 100 percent of their energy on the patients and their needs. When she is not at work, you can find Dr. Willis binging a sci-fi thriller like “3%” or showing off her video game skills on her Nintendo or her Wii. Her philosophy when it comes to her life and her career as a plastic surgeon is all about balance. She views each patient as a whole and works with them to help them achieve their body goals in a balanced and beautiful way.

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