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Sergio Alvarez witnessed his first surgery in the operating room at the age of 10.  And that was it.

“I geared my whole life towards medicine, towards being a surgeon.”

The son of a cardiologist, he grew up in El Paso, going on to medical school in Dallas at UT Southwestern Medical School. After graduating top of his class, he was chosen to attend the top-ranked residency program at the University of South Florida for Plastic Surgery. But training went beyond school.  Doctor Alvarez took the initiative to deepen his understanding of aesthetic surgery by traveling across Europe and Latin America, visiting world-class surgeons, learning different, innovative techniques and exploring the art of facial fillers.

“What I learned is that beauty is fluid. The definition of beauty is different from Europe to Latin America. 1980s beauty is different from today. And in Miami, a cookie-cutter approach is not possible. Patients come in all ages and from all parts of the world. It makes me strive to achieve each person’s individual ideal of beauty.”

That experience and training means Dr. Alvarez can recommend the best in class solutions across the aesthetic portfolio, coupled with an unwavering commitment to an individualized approach.  This is the foundation of mia Aesthetics.

As a physician, Dr. Alvarez believes people deserve better than plastic surgery operators who offer cheap prices then cut corners, offer mediocre results or even risk patient health.  Our medical director is hands-on and recruits only the brightest plastic surgeons in the field to support the mia Aesthetics mission of Elite Care made Affordable.

The native Texan now calls Miami home and volunteers in his free time as a reconstructive surgeon at the VA hospital, helping veterans with everything from reconstructive surgery to burns to skin injuries from prosthetics.

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