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We are all familiar with the timeless adage that “no two individuals are the same.” World renowned Miami plastic surgeon Constantino Mendieta MD extends this aphorism to each and every surgery case: “No two individuals are the same, therefore, no single technique is suited to all cases”.

Dr. Mendieta has trained in aesthetic surgery at Harvard, had advanced plastic surgery training at the Royal College of Surgeons in England and then studied under world-famous surgeons in Paris, Brazil and Beverly Hills. He is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Medical Association organizations, among others.

Through his global travels and training Dr. Mendieta has attained world-class skill in facial surgery, breast surgery and body sculpting. Moreover, he is well versed in all aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Therefore his emphasis on patient care and meticulous attention to detail have earned him the trust and respect of his patients and colleagues. As a result, Dr. Mendieta has developed both a national as well as an international following. In 2005 Dr. Mendieta was named by the Research Council as one of the top surgeons in the United States.

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