laser treatment for spider veins in miami

//laser treatment for spider veins in miami
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mia aesthetics performs Laser Treatment for Spider Veins in Miami Beach, FLLasers are considered the gold standard for removing those pesky spider veins that can bring a blue/purple/red almost bruise-like appearance to the skin virtually anywhere from head to toe.  Considered easy, fast, and effective, laser therapy has been used in medicine for more than 30 years to treat superficial veins.

Spider veins can resemble a “star” with numerous small veins radiating from a center point, or they can also appear as fine, separate lines, a web-like maze, or as “branches” from a single “tree trunk.” These red, blue or purple thread-like lines may develop on any part of the body, including the face, but most often appear on the thighs, calves, or buttocks. The condition is associated with increased pressure to the veins, and the tendency to develop them increases naturally with age.

Ideal Candidates

Are you embarrassed by tiny branching veins on your face? Or find yourself putting makeup on your legs or avoiding skirts because of those pesky spider veins?  No matter where on your body those spider veins are, if they bother you, you’re an ideal candidate for treatment.  Your mia Surgeon will examine your veins and may run tests to ensure the veins are nothing more than spider veins to ensure laser treatment is ideal for you. If you are in good health and have realistic expectations, laser treatment could be one of the nicest things you do for yourself.


Laser treatment on spider veins usually takes 10-20 minutes.  In most cases, only the very small superficial veins are treated with a laser. The majority of individuals won’t require any type of anesthesia as all you may feel is a slight tingling sensation as the laser fires.  If you’ve told your mia Aesthetics physician that you are squeamish or afraid of pain, the doctor can apply a topical anesthetic 20 minutes prior to the procedure. Most modern-day lasers also have a cooling system which prevents the tip of the laser from ever getting hot.


Soon after the procedure, the skin above the veins will have a reddish, cat-scratch appearance. You may feel a slight bump on the skin which will disappear in the next 2-4 hours. Occasionally, some patients experience a little bruising. After treatment, there is no down time. You can resume all of your normal activities immediately afterward.  Your spider veins will disappear over the course of the next two to six weeks.


Are there any precautions after laser therapy?

After laser therapy, it is strongly recommended you stay out of the sun, which is a bit of a challenge in Miami!  But simply cover up the treated area, or wear a hat with sun block if the treatment is to your face. If treatment is to the legs, healing can be helped along by support hose. Pain is minimal and any over the counter pain medication should be sufficient. Any pain or redness disappears in a couple of days.

Is one laser treatment enough to eliminate all my spider veins?

It very well could be. But those with a tendency towards vascular problems will most likely require additional treatments.  If you need a second session, you can schedule it about 4 to 6 weeks after the first round with the laser.

Do spider veins disappear on their own?

Unfortunately, no. Once developed, spider veins generally get worse and do not resolve on their own. Weight gain, lack of exercise and a sedentary life style is associated with progression of spider veins.