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mia aesthetics performs endermologie, which is very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin's surface in an attempt to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite dimpling.Endermologie is the very first cellulite treatment approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. It combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin’s surface in an attempt to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite dimpling.  Not only does non-invasive treatment help improve the appearance of cellulite, it can also improve circulation, relieve minor muscular aches, improve skin tone and skin radiance.

The dreaded “cottage cheese” affects as many as 98% of all American women at some point in their lives, and Endermologie treatments work best on cellulite located on the:

  • gluteus
  • the thigh area
  • the stomach area


At your free consultation, our mia Aesthetics doctor will evaluate your cellulite zones and skin quality to see if Endermologie is the indicated approach for your case.  The doctor will give you his or her expert opinion on how many sessions it may take to achieve maximum results.  Accordingly with your physique and goals, the doctor may also make other cellulite-battling procedure recommendations.

Ideal Candidates

The finest contenders for Endermologie may be men and women in a good health who live an active life on a daily basis and have realistic expectations for treatment.


Endermologie treatments take about 35 to 50 minutes, and the average person begins to see results in 3 to 6 sessions.  While everyone is different, your doctor may recommend a minimum of 10 treatments, spaced close together, to achieve success.  During the treatment, patients will wear a specialized body stocking and the doctor or expert therapist will use a hand-held massaging device on the affected area. Endermologie uses a unique rolling and aspiration motion to deep massage specific areas in a way that cannot be otherwise replicated.  Numerous case studies have shown that circulation is increased, collagen function is restored, lymphatic drainage is boosted, resulting in the elimination of toxins through the body’s own system. As the connective fibers are stretched, the skin and surrounding tissues are firmed, toned and smoothed.  Many patients come away feeling like they’ve had a deep, soothing, relaxing massage in the process.


This is a zero downtime, no recovery procedure.  If you have sensitive skin you may experience slight bruising of the treated area. This is due to the ‘aspiration’ and ‘rolling’ action of the machine on the skin.

The results from Endermologie will usually last a few months, and a 30 minute treatment every month or so will help to maintain the new shape. Some patients may decide to have more sessions initially if they feel they need more than the minimum recommended. Each patient will be different and have their own needs so the amount of treatments and any further sessions will all be discussed in the consultation.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Like so many safe and wonderful cosmetic procedures, achieving success often lies in who is doing the procedure. We at mia Aesthetics encourage you to do your research and meet with several qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeons to be sure your care and your results will be the best possible.


Will Endermologie help me lose weight?

Endermologie is not a weight loss program, but treatment may make your loose or sagging skin feel firmer and smoother and your silhouette sleeker. Endermologie does aid lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, which in turn helps reduce water retention. A reduction in the circumference of the treated area may also be noticeable. Clothes are a great way to gauge changes in the body! We recommend you choose an item of clothing to monitor results.

How often do I need to get treatments?

The general recommendation is 2 treatments per week for at least three weeks, after which you can have one treatment a week until you’ve achieved maximum results.  For some, 5 or 6 treatments are enough. For others, it could take 10 or 16.  Everyone is unique.  However, if you are in the process of losing a significant amount of weight or have problematic or painful cellulite, then one treatment per week will be sufficient to kick start your body into looking and feeling better.

How should I prepare for an Endermologie?

Many doctors recommend you drink up to 8 cups of water prior to treatment. This helps the body flush out body waste. Since you have to change into a special garment for the procedure, you may want to wear loose clothing.

Can everyone receive the treatment?

No. Endermologie is not for pregnant women, or people taking blood thinners, people with circulatory or vascular disease, active cancer, and anyone with infectious progressive diseases or AIDS.

Does Endermologie work for men?

Definitely. Even though men are not prone to develop cellulite, they might have loose skin or fat trapped under the skin that could improve with Endermologie. Clinical experience has shown excellent results for problem areas such as “love handles” and loose pectoral tissue. It is an excellent skin toner, making it a good choice to treat loose skin after weight loss.