New Year New You – Body Goals for 2020

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The new year signals the end of a decade and a totally fresh start. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the past, relish in all your accomplishments, and create some new goals for the year to come. To celebrate the start of 2020, we asked our staff members what some of their body goals are for the new year – specifically, body positive and uplifting goals.

Below is a list of body positive, achievable body goals to get you excited and ready for 2020:

1) Eat a More Balanced Diet

It is true that your overall health and happiness starts with what you put into your body. A great goal for the new year is to try and eat more healthily. Consuming more fruits and vegetable can provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals that help in your overall body function and mood. Antioxidants, found in many fruits and vegetables, are known for their great immune support and skin boosting properties. Fiber, also found in many fruits and vegetables, aids in digestion and gut health. By making these properties an essential part of your diet, you can ensure a positive and healthful start to your year. Incorporating leaner and more nutritious foods into your diet can have positive secondary effects like weight loss and increased confidence. But the goal of your lifestyle change should primarily be to be a healthier and happier you!

2) Compliment Your Body More

Any body transformation takes time. But what you can start right now is appreciating the body you currently have more. Think about all the wonderful things your body does for you – it allows you to get from place to place, to exercise, and to dance. Even if you don’t look exactly how you aspire to at the moment, taking time to practice gratitude for all you do have can put you in a great mindset throughout the new year.

3) Move More

You don’t need to be a pro athlete to benefit from a little more movement! A great body goal for the new year is to take a little more time every day to exercise, even if it’s just for 15 minutes or so. Whether it’s choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, parking slightly further from your office, or just dancing around your living room, moving a little more every day can have immense benefits for your health and happiness. Exercise and movement can help burn calories, improve circulation and aid in digestion. Additionally, exercising allows your body to release endorphins, which are basically happy chemicals in the body. Increased endorphins can lead to reduced anxiety, alleviated mood and overall, increased happiness and health.

4) And Also… Rest More!

In addition to taking more time every day to exercise, a great goal for 2020 is to get more sleep. The ideal night of sleep is about eight to ten hours, but most adults’ typical night of sleep falls far below this standard. Committing yourself to getting to bed earlier can have wonderful effects on your body. Getting more good quality sleep will allow you to get sick less often, stay at a healthy weight, reduce your stress, improve your mood, think more clearly, and even reduces your risk for serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease. With all the added benefits, choosing to get more sleep during the new year is a great way to honor your body and improve your overall health.

As depicted by our list of 2020 body goals, your New Year’s body resolutions can be uplifting and improve your happiness and outlook on life without making a radical change. Even if you aspire to have the plastic surgery procedure of your dreams in 2020 or to lose a drastic amount of weight, adding in these tangible aspirations and goals can help make you stronger, healthier and more positive along the way.