How to sleep after a mommy makeover

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For moms who want their pre-baby bodies back, the mommy makeover was created for you. The mommy makeover is a procedure booming in popularity among new mothers, mothers whose children are already grown adults, and even patients who have not had children, but have undergone major weight loss. The mommy makeover addresses body and skin concerns that often occur in women who have carried one or more babies or gone through major weight changes. After having children, many women experience undesirable body changes such as weight gain, skin stretching and breast sagging. The mommy makeover is tailored to each patient to address their unique needs, targeting body changes on the breasts, stomach area, back, hips and buttocks, and even on the face. Whatever your specific concerns are, there is a unique mommy makeover plan that can be developed just for you.

The classic mommy makeover involves a tummy tuck and breast lift or augmentation, targeting the two areas most affected by pregnancy. But a mommy makeover can be targeted to each patient’s unique needs. Depending on the patient, a mommy makeover can also include liposuction, a thigh lift, an arm lift, or a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

So with the often-lengthy combination of procedures involved in a mommy makeover, how can patients sleep comfortable after surgery? Below we go over some tips for patients to find comfort during their recovery time:

1. Stock up on Pillows
During a mommy makeover recovery, pillows will be your best friend. Depending on the procedures you had done, pillows can help you prop up certain parts of your body to sleep more comfortably. If you had a BBL along with breast procedures, you will not be able to lay on your stomach or side in order for your breasts and your new booty to continue healing properly. In the case of having both a breast procedure and a BBL, you will want to lay on your back, and prop up your back and your legs with pillows to prevent your booty from touching the bed. If you had a tummy tuck along with breast procedures or a BBL, you will likely not be able to lay flat on your back initially due to the tight feeling around your lower abdomen incisions. Propping up extra pillows behind you back and head so that you are slightly sitting up will reduce any pain or discomfort around your belly area. It may be difficult for you to get comfortable initially, but after a few days, you will find your sweet spot!

2. Use CBD to Help Relax you and Ease Pain
If you find that any surgical pain and discomfort is making it even more difficult for you to fall asleep, you can try our line of “Damn Gina” CBD products! Our CBD products come in the form of edible gummies, an edible oil, and a body cream. The products are designed to help relax your body, reduce pain, reduce anxiety, and aid in sleep. Taking a measured dose of our CBD products before bed may be just what you need to help fall and stay asleep.

In Conclusion
Sleeping after a mommy makeover can be challenging depending on the combination of procedures you’ve had done. Luckily, by strategically propping your body with pillows, you will be able to achieve a comfortable sleeping style. If you are still unable to get comfortable, try using our “Damn Gina” CBD products before bedtime to relax your body, reduce pain, and help you fall asleep faster! Soon, you will be on your way to full recovery.