How Do I Know if Plastic Surgery is Right for Me?

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Plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision, one that can alter your life forever for the better. Many patients report their entire outlooks on life altering for the better after opting to have plastic surgery. Their self-confidence and overall demeanor improve. But even though plastic surgery can have wonderful aftereffects, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

While plastic surgery has increasingly become more commonplace and less stigmatized, it is still not necessarily the right choice for everyone. It is important to remember that plastic surgery is usually a want, not a need. Plastic surgery is typically considered elective rather than a medical necessity.

Below are some characteristics that make a good candidate for plastic surgery:

1. Desire to Showcase a Specific Feature
Many people choose to have plastic surgery more out of a desire to show off a specific feature, rather than self-confidence issues. For example, a woman with a curvy body may just want to further accentuate her curves. Or someone who is not necessarily unhappy with their breasts may just want to lift them and show them off more. For some, plastic surgery is more about putting their body in the spotlight than anything else.

2. Appropriate Body Mass Index
In order to qualify for plastic surgery, many clinics require patients to meet a certain body mass index, or BMI. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation of how much body fat you are carrying on your body frame. A healthy BMI prior to cosmetic surgery not only makes a good surgery result more likely but it also further minimizes the already quite low risk that is always associated with anesthesia and with any surgical procedure. If your BMI is high, your surgeon may ask you to work toward a lower BMI before you proceed with surgery. If so, lowering your BMI will be important for both your health and for the best surgical results. If you are asked to work toward a lower BMI, your cosmetic surgeon can also point you to some valuable and helpful weight-loss resources.

3. Body Image Issues
On the other end of the spectrum, some people seek out plastic surgery because they truly feel distraught over some part of their body. For many, it is body changes that come with weight gain and weight loss or having children. They feel self-conscious and want to restore or improve a specific part of their body. For these types of patients, plastic surgery can come with an incredible confidence boost and can improve their overall outlook on life.

4. Realistic Expectations
Body image concerns issues alone are not enough for a plastic surgeon to consider someone a good candidate for plastic surgery. Another important characteristic a good plastic surgery candidate has are realistic expectations for what types of results they will see from the procedure. While plastic surgery can be extremely transformative, there are some limitations to what you can achieve. Doctors do not always recommend bringing in “Wish Pics” of your desired results because oftentimes, what we see online or on Instagram isn’t entirely real or indicative of what can be achieved with your specific body type. While you are doing your research, keep in mind what your current look is and what can realistically be transformed. If you are unsure of what type of results you will likely see from plastic surgery, you can book a consultation with one of our surgeons so that they can assess you and give you a better idea of what to expect. Having realistic expectations will increase your odds of having a great experience and loving your transformation.

5. Medical Need
Although plastic surgery is usually considered elective, there are some special cases where it can help repair an issue that causes true medical distress. For example, a woman with very large breasts may suffer from constant back pain, creating a medical need for a breast reduction. Likewise, someone who has undergone extreme weight loss may have excess skin around their torso, arms and legs. Excessive hanging skin can oftentimes result in skin rashes or infections and overall discomfort, creating a medical need for a tummy tuck and/or full body lift. In these cases, not only can plastic surgery boost your overall confidence, but it can create a more comfortable, stress-free lifestyle for you.

6. Personal Decision Made by YOU
Lastly and most importantly, plastic surgery should be a decision made entirely by YOU. You should never allow anyone to pressure you into making the decision to have plastic surgery and should not let others’ opinions sway you. At the end of the day, you will be the one going through the surgical process and living with your new body.

Plastic surgery can transform your body and improve your overall quality of life, but it’s not the right choice for everyone! Make sure to take your time when making your decision and to choose the best option for you and your unique needs.