Houston Zoo in Houston, TX

The Houston Zoo is a zoo located in Houston, TX. The zoo was founded in 1922 and has grown to be one of the largest zoos in America. The Houston Zoo covers over 200 acres and houses over 5,000 animals from all around the world. With so many different exhibits on such a large property, it can be difficult to pick just one favorite animal at this zoo! The Houston Zoo is located in Houston, Texas and is home to over 6000 animals. The zoo has a wide variety of animal exhibits that include elephants, lions, tigers, gorillas, and more. Learn more here.

In addition to the animal exhibits, the Houston Zoo also offers educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. There’s something for everyone at the Houston Zoo! Be sure to check it out during your next visit to Houston. If you’re looking for an exciting place to take your family during your next trip to the great state of Texas, look no further than the Houston Zoo. The zoo is located in the beautiful city of Houston and is home to over six thousand animals from all around the world! There’s truly something for everyone here; you can find elephants, lions, tigers, gorillas and more. Learn more about AVEVA Stadium in Houston, TX.