Halloween Costume Ideas to Complement Your New Body

Halloween is around the corner, meaning tricks, treats and of course, costumes galore. While everyone has a different approach to Halloween costumes, if you’ve recently undergone a body transformation via plastic surgery, now is a perfect time to show off that new body! There is a Halloween costume for every taste and every theme, giving you plenty of room to get creative and achieve the perfect look.

Below are some sexy Halloween suggestions from the Mia Aesthetics staff to help complement your new body:

1. Sexy Cat
A classic costume you can never go wrong with, dressing up as a sexy cat is a simple way to show off your new curves. Our staff suggests going with a black leather full body suit for the main portion of this costume. The tight fabric will hug your curves and show off that new hourglass shape! For accessories, wear simple kitty ears, a black choker, a pin-on tail, and high black boots to complete the look. You’ll look and feel sleek and sexy, and ready to pounce on the town!

2. SWAT Team Member
Another simple and sexy look, our staff loves the idea of dressing as a SWAT team member for a body-hugging Halloween look. The bodysuit can be purchased at any Halloween store or costume site. In addition to the bodysuit, you can accessorize with fake ammo, a SWAT hat, and blacked out shades. Not only will all your curves be highlighted, but you’ll be super comfortable in your stretchy bodysuit!

3. Rihanna – in her Savage Fenty Garb
The iconic celebrity is a fun and on-trend costume idea for any lingerie lovers out there. If you’re looking to go full-on sexy, Rihanna’s critically acclaimed Savage Fenty line is a great costume choice this season. The line comes in all different styles, colors, and sizes to accentuate your unique figure. Make sure to walk into your Halloween party blasting one of Rihanna’s hits so that there’s no mistake as to who you are!

4. Sexy Devil
Another classic concept, if you’re feeling bad this Halloween, consider dressing up as a sexy devil. This look can be achieved with a body-hugging red bodysuit, in leather or another stretchy fabric. To accessories, wear red devil horns, a tail, and a pitchfork for dramatic effect. For added drama, consider applying a some smoky red makeup for a drop-dead gorgeous look.

5. Kim Kardashian on Cover of Paper Magazine
Kim Kardashian’s iconic paper magazine cover in 2014 is an unmistakable sexy outfit to complement your new curvy body this Halloween. Wear a black, strapless tight maxi dress for the main portion of the costume. To accessorize, layer some faux pearls around your neck, long black gloves, and your hair in a fun top knot. Bring a champagne bottle and shake it up when you’re ready to recreate the classic image!

6. French Maid
There’s nothing sexier – or easier to dress up as – than a French Maid. Virtually every Halloween store or lingerie shop will have some version of the costume. The least expensive way to create the outfit is to sport a tight, little black dress or leotard. Accessorize with a small apron, a duster, and a little maid hat. You can make the look even racier by adding some fishnet stocking and high heels.

7. Fanta Girl
Dressing up as a Fanta girl is a fun, Instagram-able idea, and especially great if you plan to dress up with a group of your girlfriends. Pick your favorite Fanta flavor and dress up in a 70s inspired outfit in that color! Our staff suggested going with a mini skirt and high neck crop top. Complete the look with high white go-go boots. Make sure to bring a Fanta bottle with you to hold so that there’s no mistake who you are!

8. Dora the Explorer
An adult version of Dora the explorer is a fun and easy way to show off your Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation this Halloween. For the look, all you will need is a pink crop top, orange shorts, and a purple backpack. Our staff members suggested wearing orange, high-waisted biker shorts for the most flattering and comfortable look. You can wear sneakers with your look to keep comfortable or opt for some white boots is you want a look that is a little more attention grabbing.

These are just a few suggestions for showing off your new and improved body. But at the end of the day, you should always dress up in what you feel most comfortable in. Whether that means a body-hugging jumpsuit or full on costume makeup, you’ll be ready to rock Halloween this year.

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