The Cathedral of Junk is a unique place to visit, walkthrough, and admire. This “junk” cathedral in Austin, Texas, has been constructed from what people have thrown away over the years. Artist John Milkovisch designed the Cathedral of Junk to react to the modern-day consumerism and fast-paced lifestyle that we live in today. Learn more here.

The Cathedral of Junk is located at 112 Pease St., Austin, TX 78704. It’s no Cathedral of Notre Dame, but this place is impressive in its own right. The Cathedral of Junk was built by one individual over the course of 30 years using recycled materials found around his neighborhood. It can be visited between noon and sunset daily for free. There are some beautiful windows that were created by stacking bottles on top of each other to create a stained glass effect. Though it may not have been initially used as an actual cathedral, the Cathedral has inspired many individuals to make something out of nothing with their lives. The Cathedral comprises 55 tons of castoffs, including TVs, bikes, refrigerators, and more. It’s an incredible sight to see and makes for a colorful retreat from reality. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out. Learn more about Spooky Austin: Get Ready for Haunted ATX.