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Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation Who says having perky and round breast is only for the PYTs (Pretty Young Things)? It no longer needs to be a dream that never comes true for you! Women from all over: different ethnicities, all ages, and religions are seriously considering a breast augmentation procedure. However, it's super important to know the [...]

Breast Augmentation2017-09-26T02:36:39+00:00

“BBL’s in Miami Give Wild, Wild Thoughts!”


A big butt is like a drug addiction for some. The sight of a woman's big butt activates the reward regions of the male brain that are otherwise activated by food, drugs and alcoholic spirits, according to a study published in PLoS ONE. Researchers monitored brain response to photos of women before and after butt [...]

“BBL’s in Miami Give Wild, Wild Thoughts!”2017-09-25T01:36:47+00:00

All that A$$…Brazilian Butt Lift in New York is the City’s New Crave!


Women are roaming the streets of New York craving the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure so much, they're hopping on the next thing smoking to fly to Miami to get the booty of their dreams. One patient screams after being weeks postOP, "If you see me in the streets, just call me BIG BOOTY Judy because [...]

All that A$$…Brazilian Butt Lift in New York is the City’s New Crave!2017-09-22T09:16:56+00:00