5 Myths About Rhinoplasty

A Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it is a highly customizable and affordable procedure in plastic surgery. A nose job can improve an individual’s overall facial appearance and correct any structural defects like a deviated septum. Although the number of people who have had this procedure done continues to rise, there are still many myths and misconceptions about the procedure we want to debunk.

1. A Rhinoplasty will look unnatural.

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about Rhinoplasties. Any procedure done by an underqualified plastic surgeon will look fake. A qualified surgeon will simply make your nose look better and more natural. Because of this, it’s crucial to do your research and select your plastic surgeon carefully.

2. A Rhinoplasty procedure is painful.

Thanks to advances in technology and medicine, you won’t feel anything during your Rhinoplasty procedure. You’ll be under general anesthesia, and your doctor will give instructions pre-surgery to help manage any pain you may feel post-surgery. Bruising and swelling are common after Rhinoplasty, but these symptoms should subside after about ten days. You should be feeling like your usual self after a few weeks.

3. You can get any nose you want.

Because no two faces are the same, a nose cannot be magically recreated. Not only that, but any respectable and skilled plastic surgeon will not perform any plastic surgery to look like someone else. Plastic surgery aims to improve a person’s appearance and help them feel better about themselves while fixing any minor and severe medical conditions.

4. Rhinoplasty causes long-term breathing issues.

Another major misconception is that only women get Rhinoplasty and plastic surgery in general. However, a growing number of men are choosing to undergo plastic surgery, with a nose job being in the top five cosmetic procedures men choose to opt for. And they’re getting it for the same purpose as women. For both any nose insecurities they may have and medical reasons too, like deviated septum’s or widening narrow nasal passages to make breathing easier.

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