5 Myths About Facelift

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The face is one of the first places to start showing signs of aging and the first thing people see. There are different techniques and treatments to combat aging signs, such as Botox, fillers, Rhytidectomy, and facelifts. The Facelift is the gold standard for helping rejuvenate the facial appearance. However, despite its rising popularity and ability to transform the face, there are still myths and misconceptions about the cosmetic procedure. Below we’ll debunk five of the most popular myths about the Facelift.

1. There’s only one type of Facelift

No patient has the same facial anatomy and characteristics. Therefore, each patient will have different goals they want to achieve through a Facelift procedure. In order to address different concerns, each Facelift is customized to target your problem areas such as loose, sagging skin, jowls and double chins, and excess fat. Many patients may also benefit from adding a brow lift or eyelid surgery to their facelift procedure.

2. Botox & fillers can achieve the same results

“Liquid Facelift” combines fillers and other injectables to help rejuvenate the face by treating wrinkles and loss of volume. And although it can deliver fantastic results, it can’t address the underlying muscle, loose skin, or fat displacement. The effects of Fillers and Botox also have a shorter lifespan than that of a surgical Facelift, where a Facelift can last for 7-10 years.

3. Facelifts are only for women

Women aren’t the only ones wanting to fight the signs of aging. More men are looking to refresh their facial appearance. Men choose to get a Facelift to restore their masculine jawline and get rid of tired, sagging skin.

4. Results will look unnatural

Pop culture has negative connotations about Facelifts, giving people the idea that the facial procedure will look unnatural. However, your plastic surgeon will always aim for a natural-looking result. The stigma about the procedure also comes from the number of celebrities who have undergone botched procedures who get more attention than successful cases.

5. The recovery is long & painful

With today’s medical advancements, recovery is shorter and less painful. Patients may be surprised to learn that a Facelift procedure is an outpatient procedure, and you’ll be able to go home the same day. There are instructions to follow post-op for a more comfortable recovery and to help ensure you get your dream results.

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