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Breast Lift performed by mia aesthetics in Miami Beach, FL

Age and time take their toll on all of us in some way… a wrinkle here, a dark spot there… And for some women, aging affects a part of the body intrinsically associated with youth, vitality & sex appeal:  the breasts.

Time, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss can all contribute to droopy, sagging breasts that no longer have the shape, size, and lift they once did. For women experiencing these changes, the impact on confidence and self-esteem can be dispiriting, affecting overall quality of life. Fortunately, the breast lift was created to restore perky, youthful allure to the bustline. It is why, this cosmetic surgery is equally popular in all states of U.S. be it breast lift Chicago or Breast lift Houston.

Breast lift surgery tightens and lifts the breast structures and skin for a fuller, more lifted, shapelier appearance. Many women choose this surgery once they’ve raised their children and/or are dissatisfied with cosmetic changes brought on by aging. Benefits include a more youthful bust with improved contour and a major self-esteem boost. Many women also choose to combine breast lift surgery with augmentation for both increased lift and volume. A breast lift can also be performed with breast reduction surgery for patients who have too much volume in the breasts. This is a customized procedure that can create comprehensive and unique results for each patient.


If you are interested in restoring the beauty of your bust with a breast lift, schedule a consultation with a surgeon at mia Aesthetics. The consultation is vitally important in planning your surgery, and you should be prepared to discuss your goals and concerns.

The first purpose of the consultation is to clearly establish your goals and assess your expectations for the procedure. Our Medical Director Sergio Alvarez or one his personally vetted surgeons will assess your overall health, review the procedure with you, and determine if a breast lift is a safe option for you and will fit your needs.

Another purpose of the consultation is getting to know your doctor. It is vital you find a doctor you can trust, and that consultation is the crucial first meeting. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the procedure, and get honest answers and advice about any concerns you might have.

Ideal Candidates

Interested candidates for breast lift Houston or any other U.S. state usually comprise women who would like to improve the shape, lift, contour, and overall appearance of the breasts due to aging, weight fluctuations, or childbearing and breastfeeding. Good candidates should be in general good health and have realistic expectations for the procedure. Breast lift surgery cannot always restore the breasts to their original appearance, but the procedure can produce marked improvement in almost every qualified patient. Patients who are interested in getting a larger cup size should consider augmentation instead or a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift.


Breast lift surgery is typically an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia.

There are several incision patterns your doctor can use, and which pattern your surgeon chooses will depend on the amount of lift required. But in every case, a surgeon will opt for the most minimal incision possible, as long as it allows for the desired results.

The first type of incision is isolated around the areola (the skin surrounding the nipple) and is very discreet. This is used for breast lifts that require only subtle adjustments. For more extensive lifts, an incision extending down from the areola may be added. For very extensive lifts, another incision may be added underneath the breasts, close to the breast crease. Whatever the incision used, Dr. Alvarez & all the surgeons at mia Aesthetics are very careful to minimize damage and scarring from the procedure.

Once the incisions are made, excess skin will be removed and tightened, and the breast will be contoured and supported for a lifted, perky, shapely appearance. Once the breast is shaped, the nipple and areola will be repositioned to maintain a natural appearance. Finally, the incisions will be closed. The procedure takes about 1-3 hours.


Dressings will be put in place following surgery, and a support/compression bra will typically need to be worn to help the incisions heal. Sutures stay in place for an average of 7-10 days following surgery, and patients will need to wear the compression garment for at least several weeks. Initial recovery lasts about 1-2 weeks, after which normal activities (including non-strenuous work) can slowly be resumed. Prescription pain medication can relieve discomfort as swelling and some pain will be normal during the recovery period.

Lifting, strenuous exercise, and other high-impact activities must be suspended for at least several additional weeks, per surgeon’s instructions. Soreness and swelling will slowly subside over the weeks and months following surgery until the incisions fully heal. It is important that patients follow all surgeon instructions as closely as possible during healing to help ensure good results and prevent complications.  In a sense, recovery is very much a part of the surgery, and the surgery’s ultimate success rests with you during the critical healing process.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

As with any plastic surgery procedure, your choice of surgeon will be a key factor in the safety of your procedure and the quality of your results. With this in mind, it is important to choose a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sergio Alvarez & his top quality surgical team, who will tailor your procedure to meet your unique needs. We encourage you to spend some time meeting with several prospective surgeons before you make a decision. You’ll want to choose a surgeon who inspires your confidence and trust.


Are the results of breast lift surgery permanent?

While breast lift results can be long-lasting, they will not stop the aging process or prevent future changes to the breast tissue. The passing of time, further pregnancies, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations can all contribute to changes in the breasts following a breast lift. However, leading a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right surgeon can help make the results last longer. Patients can choose to have a second lift in the future if they wish.

Will a breast lift make my breasts smaller?

While very little tissue (mostly skin) is removed during the breast lift surgery, the dramatic changes in contour can make the breasts appear smaller. If you are concerned about losing volume, then you may want to consider combining breast lift surgery with breast augmentation. If you would like less breast volume, you may want to consider breast reduction to have more tissue removed.

Is breastfeeding possible following a breast lift?

It depends. While Dr. Alvarez & his fellow surgeons work very hard to maintain the function of the breast during a lift, there’s no guarantee breastfeeding will be possible. Many women are able to successfully breastfeed after breast surgery, but it is impossible to tell before surgery.

What are the risks of breast lift surgery?

Of course, though breast lift surgery is elective and typically safe, complications can occur (though it is rare). Possible risks include:

  • Bleeding/hematoma
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Poor healing
  • Asymmetry/contour irregularities
  • Infection
  • Changes in sensation
  • Fatty tissue necrosis
  • Seroma
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Loss of areola/nipple

Minimize your chances for complications by choosing a qualified surgeon like Dr. Alvarez and following all his instructions as closely as possible.

How much scarring happens after a breast lift?

All surgery produces some scarring. Breast lift incisions are designed to be as discreet as possible, but generally, there is some visible scarring (at least vertically down from the nipple). This will fade somewhat over time, but it is up to the individual patient to decide if the results of a breast lift are worth the visible scars. Most women feel the aesthetic gains of a rejuvenated bust line are worth this small concession.

If you are interested in a breast lift surgery and have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (305) 330-4959 or click to schedule a free consultation online.